Australian Albums for 2012!

It’s time to get new headphones, people! Because 2012 is gonna be a big year!

I’m Drooling Over…

Deap Sea Arcade – TBA (due in March)

Hilltop Hoods – Drinking From the Sun (due in March)

Lady Hawke (who is actually from New Zealand but oh well) – Anxiety (due in March)

Last Dinosaurs – In a Million Years (due in March)

Owl Eyes – TBA:[EP] (due in March)

Red Ink – The Colour Age – EP (another one for March)

Gossling – TBA: [EP] (April)

Hungry Kids of Hungary – TBA (August)

Owl Eyes – TBA (August)

To be confirmed ones:

Bob Evans

The Cairos

Daniel Lee Kendall

Jinja Safari

Jonathan Boulet

Sarah Blasko

Strange Talk

Sugar Army


So it appears it’ll be a great year for me in Australian music, especially March! YAY!

Full List:


Arundel – The Olive Caves EP (Paper Street)
Jonti – Sine & Moon (Stones Throw)
Mr Hill & Rahjconkas – The Feedback (Independent/Obese) 
Remi – Regular People Shit (Independent)
Skypilot – TBA EP (Paper Street)
Steve Smyth – Release (Permanent/Shock)
Strange Forces – Strange Forces (New Editions)
Thomas William & Scissor Lock – Jewels (New Editions)
Woollen Kits – Woollen Kits (R.I.P Society/FUSE)
Yeo – Home (Independent)


Aleks & The Ramps – TBA (Independent)
Colour Coding – Colour Coding EP (Independent)
Darth Vegas – Brainwashing for Dirty Minds (Vitamin)
The Dead Leaves – TBA (Liberation)
The Dirty Three – Toward The Low Sun (Anchor & Hope/Remote Control)
Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo – Almanac (Walking Horse/MGM) 
Emma Russack – Sounds Of Our City (Spunk/EMI)
The Ghost Hotel – Maiden Hill (Walking Horse/MGM
Hermitude – Hyperparadise (Elefant Traks/Inertia)
Ma – Dance Until My Heart Breaks (Independent/MGM)
Made In Japan – Sight & Sounds (Independent)
The Maple Trail – Cable Mount Warning (Broken Stone Records)
Seven – Floated EP (Independent)
The Peep Tempel – The Peep Tempel (Wing Sing)
Puta Madre Brothers – It’s A Long Long Way To Meximotown (Baboso)


Bleeding Knees Club – Nothing To Do (Illusive/I Oh You)
Buckley Ward – So Pretend (Independent)
Children Collide – TBA (Universal)
Deep Sea Arcade – TBA (Ivy League)
Edward Guglielmino – Edward Guglielmino & The Show (Independent)
Epidemic… Over – Long Way Home (Independent/MGM)
Grinderman – Grinderman 2 Rmx (Mute/EMI)
Hilltop Hoods – Drinking From The Sun (Golden Era)
Hoodlum Shouts – Young Man Old Man (Poison City/HelloSquare) 
Howl At The Moon – Squalls (Independent)
Kate Vigo – From Blue to Black (Independent)
Ladyhawke – Anxiety (Modular/Universal)
Last Dinosaurs – In A Million Years (Dew Process/Universal)
Love Connection – Euphoria (Sensory Projects)
Microwave Jenny – Chasing You EP (Independent)
The Morning Night – Otis (Walking Horse/MGM)
Oceanics – TBA EP (Independent) 
Owl Eyes – TBA EP (Wunderkind/Warner)
Pageants – Dark Before Blonde Dawn (Sensory Projects)
Pond – Beard, Wives, Denim (Modular/Universal)
Re:Enactment – Sport (Lofly)
Red Ink – The Colour Age EP (Independent)
Regular John – TBA (Reckoning)
Self Is A Seed – Self Is A Seed (Independent)
Super Best Friends – Handshake EP (Independent)
Toby Martin – TBA (Ivy League)


A Broken Silence – A Broken Silence (Independent)
Adele & Glenn – Adele & Glenn (Independent)
Alpine – TBA (Ivy League)
The Bombay Royale – TBA (HopeStreet Recordings)
Catcall – The Warmest Place (Ivy League)
DZ Deathrays – TBA (Illusive/I Oh You)
Emperors – Stay Frosty (Gun Fever/MGM) 
The Frowning Clouds – TBA (Independent)
Full Tote Odds – Place Your Bets (Obese)
Gossling – TBA EP (Independent)
Infinite Void – TBA (Poison City)
King Cannons – TBA (EMI)
The Oyster Murders – TBC (Independent)
Tara Simmons – It’s Not Like We’re Trying To Move Mountains (Independent)
The Townhouses – Bilby (Yes Please)


Charlie Mayfair – TBA EP (Independent)
Crumbs – Maidenhair (Sensory Projects)
Dumbsaint – TBA (Bird’s Robe Records)
Great Earthquake – Mind Maps (Sensory Projects)
No Zu – Life (Sensory Projects)
Texture Like Sun – TBA (Independent)


Fairchild Republic – TBA (Independent)
Guerre – TBA EP (Yes Please)


The Cactus Channel – TBA (HopeStreet Recordings)
The Medics – TBA (Footstop)
Oliver Tank – TBA EP (Yes Please)
Panoptique Electrical – Wildness (Sensory Projects)
Stereoflower – TBA (Walking Horse/MGM) 


Hungry Kids of Hungary – TBA (Stop Start/EMI)
Owl Eyes – TBA (Wunderkind/Warner)
Sonpsilo Circus – TBA (MGM)
Sweet Jean – Dear Departure (Independent)


Anubis – A Tower of Silence: Live Album (Bird’s Robe Records)
British India – TBA (Independent)
YIS – TBA (Independent)


Inland Sea – TBA (Independent)

To Be Confirmed…

Angus Stone – TBA (Desert Harvest)
Ash Grunwald – TBA (Independent)
The Bamboos – TBA (Inertia)
Bearhug – TBA (Spunk/EMI)
Bertie Blackman – TBA (Mercury/Universal)
Birds Of Tokyo – TBA (EMI)
The Bird’s Robe Collaboration Band – Panda Diplomacy (Bird’s Robe Records)
Bitter Belief – TBA (Independent)
Bob Evans – TBA (EMI)
Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes – TBA (Bird’s Robe Records)
The Cairos – TBA EP (Island/Universal)
The Chemist – TBA (Dirt Diamonds)
Circles – TBA (Basick)
City Riots – TBA (Independent)
Damn Terran – TBA (Independent)
Daniel Lee Kendall – TBA (Redcat)
Def Wish Cast – The Evolution Machine (Creative Vibes)
Dialectrix – TBA (Obese)
Dr Don-Don – TBA (Grindin)
Emma Louise – TBA (Independent)
Elizabeth Rose – TBA EP (Independent)
Gold Fields – TBA (EMI)
Goons Of Doom – Revenge Of The Goons (MAKEyourself) 
Grun – TBA (Bird’s Robe Records)
Horrorshow – TBA (Elefant Traks)
Hunting Grounds – TBA (Redcat)
Illy – TBA (Obese)
Jinja Safari – TBA (TBC)
Jonathan Boulet – TBA (Modular/Universal)
Jonti – Tokorats (Stones Throw/Mistletone)
Julia Stone – TBA (Picture Show)
Karnivool – TBA (Sony)
The Mark of Cain – Songs Of The Third and Fifth (Independent)
Melodie Nelson – To The Dollhouse (Independent)
Missy Higgins – TBA (Eleven)
Mosman Alder – TBA EP (Dew Process/Universal)
Ngaiire – TBA (Independent)
Pez – TBA (EMI)
Sarah Blasko – TBA (Dew Process/Universal)
Skryptcha – TBA (Obese)
Slimey Things – TBA (Bird’s Robe Records)
Solkyri – TBA EP (Bird’s Robe Records)
Something For Kate – TBA (EMI)
Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy – TBA (Independent)
Strange Talk – TBA (Sony)
Sui Zhen – Two Seas (Independent)
Sugar Army – TBA (Shock)
super FLORENCE jam – TBA (independent)
The Temper Trap – TBA (Liberation)
Toehider – TBA (Bird’s Robe Records)
TZU – TBA (Liberation)
Wolf & Cub – TBA (Independent)
YesYou – TBA EP (TBA)

Taken from http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/homeandhosed/blog/s3387655.htm

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