Thundamentals: Summer is here

If you’ve been in Sydney, you would’ve realised that the our weather has gone through a rough patch. He’s gotten dumped by his girlfriend and has been depressed at best. Buuuut, as we know, Summer isn’t just about the heat, its about the vibe. Summer is a relaxed time where nothing wrong can possibly happen, we smash India in cricket and there is a lifetime’s supply of ice cream in the freezer. So don’t let the weather get you down, you can still feel the summerness if you try. First, no matter what the temperature is, wear a singlet, boardies and thongs. Get some zinc on your nose, some mates in the car and head down to the beach. And to top it off, put on some Australian Hip Hop, and there you have a summer. It doesn’t matter if you’re freezing your ass off its still Summer.

Thundamentals have that smooth, chill attitude which is a characteristic of OzHop. Hip Hop in Australia is unlike any other in the world. Americans always seem angry at something, whereas we’re just cruising along the beach. That’s why I love it, it has Summer written all over it.

How You Been?

Paint The Town Red

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